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Imagine a roller blind that looks more like a piece of art decorating your wall, much like an incredible mural that glorifies the ambience with its aesthetic brilliance. Suede Craft Printed Roller Blinds comes to you in exotically printed designer fabrics that perfectly blend with the mood of your bedroom, dining room, computer room and office, lending that much needed aura of celebration and beyond. Offering exceptional value for money, our printed roller blinds are available in a wide array of flamboyant colours that give a stylish and contemporary look to any window, anywhere. Walk in today. Make your walls speak the language of eternal charm, grace and beauty.

Technical details

Composition Polyester 100%
Average Density 100%
Weight 305 g/m2 (+-5%)
Fabric Thickness 0.37mm
Available width 2.00 Mtr
Hanging properties Excellent
Tearing Strength Very high
Cleaning Conditionally cleanable with a damp cloth
Coating Conditionally cleanable with a damp cloth

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